Early in January 2013 while watching the news on television I was inspired by a story about a woman in Vancouver; a mother who had lost her only child six months after my Will. She talked about how she found some solace in a pair of pajamas that a friend of hers had given her – another mom who had lost a child. The message from her friend was that there would be days when getting out of bed or leaving your home might be too painful. She wanted her friend to know that it was ok and normal to have those feelings.  In turn, this mom has paid the gesture forward to other grieving moms in her area; sending pajamas with a personal letter full of hugs and hope. After the shooting massacre in December 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, she solicited donations and sent twenty pairs of pajamas to the twenty moms who had lost their precious children in that senseless tragedy that caught the world’s attention.

I was inspired by her story, having had many of those days (and still do) so I, too, am paying it forward to moms in my area who are struggling to find ways to survive after the loss of a child. A pair of pajamas, a letter, and a WillPower band come with a message of hope and hugs from one grieving mom to another.

IMG_0091This journey is long; this “club” is one no mother should ever have to join. If I can help one mom to find some degree of comfort in knowing that she isn’t alone then I have succeeded. With each pair of pajamas and letter that I mail it helps me too.

If you know of a mom that might find comfort in a pair of pajamas I would love to hear from you. Reply via email to me at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to help me with a donation so I can send pajamas to these moms that need them and the message they come wrapped in, please click here.

Thank you.