Until I can find a pajama retailer or manufacturer to donate pajamas I am at the mercy of soliciting help from people like you to help make this possible. If you would like to get involved and can help with a cash donation to help with the cost of pajamas and shipping or have any ideas/links to retailers/manufacturers that might want to partner with me then please contact me.

To date I have received cash donations from some special people who, without their help, sending pajamas would not be possible. The first donation came from a mom who can relate to the pain of losing a child having delivered a stillborn baby boy. She has been a huge support to me emotionally; reminding me that I am not alone and helping me believe that with an open heart it is possible to still have a relationship with my son.  She tells me with such conviction something that I will never tire of hearing; “Joni, he will always be your son and you will always be his mom.”  She believes in what a pair of pajamas wrapped in hugs and hope can offer to other moms reeling from the loss of a child because she is one. These donations have made sending pajamas possible and I am forever grateful for this generous support.

I know a pair of pajamas CAN make a small difference to moms that have lost children.  It is a small gesture that I hope can bring a smile to moms who need to know that its ok and normal to have days where “pajamas” might be as far as you get.

If you can help with a donation please contact me by clicking here.