A Bike Ride For You

More than 200 rode for you!

More than 200 rode for you!

Sunday, June 3, 2012 (one year, 12 days)

Dear Will,

Yesterday we celebrated an amazing event in honour of your Foundation and it was a huge success.  Much bigger than we thought it would be and I am still in awe and overwhelmed at the

Even Nana!

Even Nana!

generousity of our community and our friends.  This place we call home is so very special and I believe that there may not be another place like it on this earth.  I am exhausted on all fronts; physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. and yet my heart, though so broken, is swelling with pride.  Pride for you and the impact that you had on so many and pride for our Village; the Village that helped raise you.  You are missed by so many, Willy, but remembered too, which is all I can ask of anyone and is all I can hope for.

During the Silent Auction, I bid on a purse full of goodies and ended up being the winning bidder.  In it was a book titled How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference? I thought it quite a statement that I would be the recipient of that book because it was another reminder that you made such a difference in your short life.  And it made me think that everyone that participated in the Bike Ride and the Silent Auction last night made a difference too.   The preliminary calculations are looking like $40,000+ will go to your Foundation!  I can’t find words to explain what that feels like; such a bittersweet thing.  If only you were here with us at home where you should be, enjoying the gifts of the ordinary days I long for.  Oh, what I’d give for that to be true…  But, sadly that will never happen.  Instead, I will remind myself of the good that came out of this weekend; the many friends and family that supported us through your Foundation and I will remember how we all came together to remember you and to help our community heal.  You’d have loved it, Will.  But I think maybe you were there; looking down on us with a big Willy smile and giving us a big thumbs up with both hands.  You definitely are the little big man.

Love you like a bus and more than your bike,


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