Mother’s Day and Handmade Love

Handmade Love from my Will

Handmade Love from my Will

Sunday, May 11, 2014



Dear Will,


Today is Mother’s Day and my heart is heavier than usual. This is my third Mom’s Day without you and I miss you as much as the first one — it certainly doesn’t get easier. I am sitting on my bed in my own little world staring out of the window at the blue sky I’ve waited days to see, and my head is swirling with thoughts of you. Mother’s Day holds such special meaning; a day where moms are universally celebrated and appreciated for all they do for their children and families. When I think of Mothers Days past my heart smiles at the extra love that would find its way to me via breakfast in bed, crafty gifts made at school and handmade cards that oozed love in their heartfelt and sometimes misspelled words; the drawings, the “coupons” that promised jobs sometimes too big to be true, but with intent so large – all a sign of how big that love was. Those cards will always be treasures for I have kept them all and the gift of all those uneven folds of paper are so incredibly priceless now. I feel sad knowing that today, again there will be one card missing.


Mother’s Day will never be the same without you here. I am so thankful for the big box of handmade cards, the table you made for me in grade 7, and the countless memories of cold toast, cereal, watered down coffee and smoothies in bed; of clay creations, glittery picture frames, yarn weavings, tissue paper flowers…


One thing will never change, Willy — I will always be your mom and you will always be my son/sun.


Lulab and missing you so very much,





2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Handmade Love

  1. Joni, I came home from a day of skiing at Lake Louise with Jordan and Rob, and crawled into the shower and cried… I always think about you, but especially so on Mothers Day. Jordie was wearing his I Ride for Will hoodie he made, and we had such a nice day out in the sun, but every time I saw him, I thought about you and I made sure to give him a big hug and thank him for spending time with his boring old mom!
    Lisa B.


    • My dear friend, Lisa. Thank you for your note and for thinking of me yesterday. Mother’s Day is a tough one. A day of many tears and no answers and no way of changing things. And then when you feel like you’ve been through the ringer you gotta pick yourself up and be ready for the other boys who have tried extra hard to put extra love into my day. The whole month is hard and I am grateful for my many wonderful friends who somehow just know when I need a kind word or a memory (like you did today) to pick me up. I really don’t know where I’d be without all of you. Xo. P.S. Sounds like you has a wonderful day with your wonderful boys. I’m quite taken with the little one… (Though not so little anymore). Love you, Lisa B. Xo


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