Fish For Dinner


Tuesday, November 15, 2011 (177 days)

Dear Will,

We’re having fish for dinner tonight and oh, how you disliked fish.  Remember how you’d complain how much we have it?  Weekly, for sure, and on that day you’d hope for a dinner invite at a friend’s home so you didn’t have to even look at it.  I’d never let up on getting you to “just try it”, and even on those rare occasions when you’d succumb to my relentless requests and put an almost microscopic piece to your lips, you’d confirm that you didn’t like it.  And so, as I took the fish out of the freezer this morning, it was you I thought of.  Dinner time not the same without you… an empty chair, an empty spot at the table… and even when you were down the street at a friends for dinner when we had fish, you’d still burst through the front door after dinner glad that you’d dodged the fish dinner but glad to be home to spend the evening with us.  The dinner and night time routines that we established at home are much lonelier and quieter without you; unbearable at times.

Wish you were here or down the street,


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