In and On the Water

Will on the water having fun in the sun!

Will on the water having fun in the sun!

Sunday, July 31, 2011 (10 weeks)

Good morning, Willy,

It is another beautiful, blue sky morning and there is not a cloud in the sky.  Mr Blue Sky, hmmm….  Is that you?  Sure, it is.  Our plan is to spend the day on the lake (Koocanusa) in the boat and the only thing that will be missing is you.  You loved waterskiing, (duh, it is “skiing”) and the wake-skate and it was always so much fun to watch you.  It came so naturally to you and you made it look so easy.  But the water was not always something you loved, remember?  As a little guy, you weren’t fond of the lake and the fish that swam in it.  The first year we went houseboating with the Griffin’s you didn’t even go in the lake.  Thankfully, there was a hot tub on the roof or you’d have never seen water.  I did have to submerge you head and all that one day because it was so very hot and I was afraid that you were overheating.  You were not impressed one bit… but I hope you can look back and know that it was necessary out of fear of heatstroke.  You didn’t like those kinds of surprises but who does?  It’s like the moment before you jump off the boat into the cold water when you take that little extra rushed breath before you wonder if you really wanted to jump but it’s too late.

I wish you were here, Will.  In your swim shorts with your boxers hanging out the top, waiting for me to put sunscreen on your back and wishing dad and I would just hurry up so we could go.  But wait, you will be there… on my left shoulder where my boy angel sits.  It’s not enough, but it’s all I have.

Love you little Will, more than anything… even a bus.


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