The Cold Side of the Pillow

Will's List of "Little Things That Matter"

Will’s List of “Little Things That Matter”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey Will,

This morning I woke and as I lay in my bed, the first thing I did was turn over my pillow… to the cold side.  I smiled to myself remembering that this was one of your favourite things in the world…. Ahhh, the cold side of a pillow.  True, for me as well, though it was always an unspoken thing.  Now, whenever I flip over my pillow I always think of you and the beauty of that small pleasure.

Hope the pillows in your new world are perfect… I’ll bet they are except for one thing… I wish you were sleeping in your bed here at home, your sweet head full of hair on your favourite pillow here… where it should be.

Love you little sun,


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