Another “Blanket of Willy”?

snowmanSunday, April 7, 2013 (98 weeks)

Hey Will,

I know you love snow.  But hey, enough now!  The “blanket of Willy” you are bestowing upon us is pretty extreme.  I get it. Yes, it is spring in Alberta and no one loved snow more than you.  I imagine you up there mixing up more and more snow wanting to give all your friends the gift of a snow day!  Come to think of it, there hasn’t been one yet this school year and the snow days in spring were always the ones you loved the most.

As it piles up and covers the grass yet again, I do find myself smiling at it (from time to time?).  You, Will, always wanting to have the last word have done it again.

Love you little one… more than you loved snow.