All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

Our Finn and Old Buck

Our Finn and Old Buck

Thursday, March 28, 2013 (676 days without you)

Dear Willy,

Jess, next door, put old Buck down yesterday.  Over the last year and a bit his quality of life was diminishing quite rapidly and understandably so. At almost 15 years old (105 in doggie years) he wasn’t the same Buck you’d have remembered.  Oh, how you loved that dog and he, you. When I spoke to Jess today she told me that one of her fondest memories was when you and Ben would wander over to their house when they were just new to our cul-de-sac to ask if you could take Buck for walks.  I will always remember how cute the two of you looked with Buck as I watched your backs head down the street. It will be odd to not see old Buck out and about but my heart smiles knowing that now he has you.  He has you to take him for walks pain-free in heaven.  And you have an old pal to keep you company; to sit at your feet, to pet, and to cuddle up to. It’s no secret that you always wanted a dog… And now you have one of the best.

Take care of each other up there.   I know you will find him… you’ll see him, Will, for he is the old yellow lab with the tail that never, ever stops wagging. Miss you, Willy.

Love you like a bus full of labs,


2 thoughts on “All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

  1. I can see Will and Buck running through a beautiful meadow, Will laughing with his infectious laugh and Buck barking in sheer delight to be young and agile again! Keep your head up Joni and your heart turned toward Heaven! Love you girlfriend! Deb


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